Med Family Care Gainesville FL


Unexpected flus, colds, and other illnesses are one of the most common reasons people visit urgent care clinics
Med Family Care Medications

Injury and Accidents

We treat broken bones, fractures, lacerations and cuts, whiplash, joint pains, and more
Med Family Care Gainesville FL

Adult Medicine

Our skilled physicians offer diagnosis, treatment, and valuable information on a variety of diseases and conditions
Med Family Care Gainesville FL

Physical Exams

We provide regular and specialty physicals, including DOT, immigration, employment, and executive exams
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We offer vaccines which are recommended based on age, health, or specific circumstances
Med Family Care Gainesville FL

Lab Services

We offer comprehensive services including blood, urinalysis and culture testing to determine general health status
Med Family Care Health Care

Nutrition and Weight Loss

We help you to lead a healthy lifestyle by safe and sustainable 3-6 weeks of weight loss plans perfected by expert doctors
Med Family Care Gainesville FL

Women's Health Care

Offering women’s health and basic gynecological care and are comfortable discussing and treating these common health conditions